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The Confessions of Guru Rugu: The Story of St. Dominique of Paris

The Confessions of Guru Rugu: The Story of St. Dominique of Paris

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The Confessions of Guru Rugu:
The Story of St. Dominique of Paris
Chapbook, 24 pages
Dimensions: 6.25" x 8.5" x 0.125"

The Confessions of Guru Rugu: The Story of St. Dominique of Paris illustrates a glorious vision I had of St. Dominique while a visitor in Paris, and my subsequent first attempt to proselytize on her behalf, in May of 2013. Several witnesses remarked afterwards that the St. Dominique depicted on the prayer card I found shared an uncanny resemblance to the Parisian artist, Dominique Gilliot; others reported that my vision also bore similarities to actions that this Gilliot had performed while visiting Adam Overton's apartment just 4-and-a-half months earlier; and still others insisted that much of the text of my confession seemed remarkably similar to the lyrics of the band, Gachette of the Mastiff, a band fronted by this same Dominique. While I respect the visions and the passion of those who claim so fervently to intuit such resemblance, I can say only that my vision and subsequent confession are and were completely true, and though imperfect, I worked to reperform as many glorious details as revealed to me by St. Dominique of Paris, and people ultimately have to accept what I’m telling them or not accept what I’m telling them. —Guru Rugu

As dictated to our thirsty Mains d’Œuvres kingdom on May 18, 2013, in the 5th-floor Parisian flat of Chloé Fricout and Javier Toscano, as part of Machine Project and Mains d’Œuvres’s residency series, Los Angeles Chez Vous.

Guru Rugu’s Tractatus no. 12/3b 
November 2013, Los Angeles/Paris.

Published collaboratively by Guru Rugu’s Tractatus & Insert Blanc Press

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Guru Rugu is a celebrated best-selling self-published self-helper from Los Angeles who has changed the lives of millions with his simple but effective experimental meditations. He has been helping “turn your desperation into inspiration” since 1955 when he helped co-found the Los Angeles Meditation Ghostwriters Guild Local #012, where he still serves as Chief Meditating Officer (CMO) and Intern Coordinator. In 1971, Guru Rugu helped co-found the experimental meditation center of los angeles—which has no center—with artist Adam Overton. Since 2010, Guru Rugu has worked intimately with Signify, Sanctify, Believe, a cute crew of religious technologists and publishing anarchivists hearkening from Los Angeles. He has worked with many other illustrious experimental healers, artists, and writers, including Veranda Moot and Matador Oven. Guru Rugu currently hosts Guru Rugu’s Experimental Meditation Hour on KCHUNG Radio AM1630 every 1st Sunday from 10-11pm and archived at He also provides inspirational tweets daily at Though not formally acknowledged, it is well-known that Guru Rugu was the inspiration behind Matador Oven’s provocative and influential tract, A Dabblerist Manifesto.