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PARROT 9 Politicized Pretty Picture

PARROT 9 Politicized Pretty Picture

Stan Apps

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PARROT 9 Politicized Pretty Picture
by Stan Apps
Saddle-Stitched chapbook
2 Color cover, Black & White interior
Matte finish, Opaque cream, 70# text (104 gsm)
Dimensions: 6.125" x 9.375" x 0.125", 20 Pages
ISSN: 2169-3811-9



Prettiness should be easy not to look at.
My ability to look away from a pretty picture
makes me feel good about my autonomy,
whereas beauty makes me feel implicated and contingent.

"The subject of prettiness may be an interesting thing to most readers, and I think the words used here to describe it do just as good a job as any formal essay you’re likely to find, but the structure of this work is what I find most striking."

-Grant Maierhofer, at HTML Giant

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