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PARROT 6 Viva Miscegenation

PARROT 6 Viva Miscegenation

Brian Kim Stefans

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PARROT 6 Viva Miscegenation
by Brian Kim Stefans
Saddle-Stitched chapbook
2 Color cover, Black & White interior
Matte finish, Opaque cream, 70# text (104 gsm)
Dimensions: 6.125" x 9.375" x 0.125", 20 Pages
ISSN: 2169-3811-6

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There was the dying, that was suspicious—
strong words passed, none of them colorful
on an Indian winter day in North Philadelphia
when the fury of poetry
                equaled the utility
of the timetables on which
we run. That one seems overtly educated,
if not, dressed so nattily, he’ll not need
a job, or residence, and subsist on merely being
right-looking; she keeps something cinematic, shiny,
in her left hip pocket—so terribly deft, so accessory, so honestly
in place of life.
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