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Insert Blanc Press Catalog 2017-2018

Check Out the brand new Insert Blanc Press Catalog 2017-2018 !!!

You will find all items currently published by Insert Blanc Press and available for purchase, as well as selections from our advance catalog of forthcoming editions!


Written by Mathew Timmons — March 11, 2017

llull & Street Terms: Book Launch & Concert


& Street Terms
Rebel Hands Press
Book Launch
& Concert
Insert Blanc Press
Outside Gallery
Friday Feb 26 at 8pm

Jimmy Bedtime, Dan Richert (Ripcd)
astable guitar/electronics improv, sleep therapy, bathing rituals, esoteric flowcharts

Street Terms, Vol. 1
Rebel Hands Press
Artists: Elaina Morgan + Jeremy Kennedy
Photography: Rebecca Ramirez
Layout: Jeremy Kennedy

Written by Mathew Timmons — February 25, 2016

Anne Boyer Reading at Church of the Epiphany for PRB

Anne Boyer Reading
Poetic Research Bureau
Thursday, October 15, 2015

Full Recording on Sound Cloud at The People Radio

Church of the Epiphany
2808 Altura St.
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Anne Boyer is a poet, essayist, and art school professor in Kansas City. A book of hers came out this year – Garments Against Women – that is mostly about what it isn't. Lately she's been writing about life and death, care and precarity, data and nothingness, and the administration of a body under trial. This is her first reading in Los Angeles.


Written by Mathew Timmons — October 27, 2015

Kickstarter Campaign! Support Insert Blanc and New Amusements!


We Need Your Support.

Over the past 10 years Insert Blanc has done quite a lot and more, but we've only done one fundraising campaign before at our 5 year anniversary celebration. In the past decade we have grown well beyond a typical literary or arts press and branched out in a number of new and exciting directions. Now, we need your help to do it even better going forward.

Kickstart it Up!


Written by Mathew Timmons — July 01, 2015

New Videos, New YouTube and Vimeo channels!

At Insert Blanc Press General Projects we like to make videos and throw events and make videos of those events and also make sculpture gardens and fill those sculpture gardens with things and maybe throw an event and make a video. 

General Projects first "Hit Vid" was Poetry is Dead, I Killed It. from a few years ago - and right at the top of this post. We still think it's pretty great.

And then ... we worked with Joseph Mosconi and a whole lot of other people, including a makeup artist, a set designer and costume designer, and a couple different filmmakers, and an awesome editor, and some great actors! to make Fright Catalog the movie - as seen below.

Since then we've made a habit of making videos of things like book launches, readings and events, like the video of the performances at the launch party for Ben White's artist monograph Ruin Upon Ruin ...

We've also had the good fortune to work with artists like Erica Ryan Stallones to make a book trailer for Todd Collins book For God ...

And we have so many more videos on our YouTube and Vimeo channels ... and we're looking to make more videos! more! more! more!!!

Oh, Hey! If you are a video artist interested in working with us on future projects or if you have a project you think we might be interested in, do be in touch.


Written by Mathew Timmons — June 17, 2015

Insert Blanc Press Seeking Editorial Assistants and Interns

Insert Blanc Press Seeking Editorial Assistants and Interns

Insert Blanc Press is currently seeking a editorial assistants and interns. We've got a couple brilliant editorial assistants, find out more about them on our About page, and maybe you can be a brilliant intern too. Please post and share this widely and be in touch

Insert Blanc Press offers you a glimpse into the secret insides of small press art and literary publishing from various different perspectives. As an Insert Blanc assistant you will be at the center of the day-to-day workings of a small press, assisting with editorial decisions, book design and production, copy-editing and proof-reading. You will gain the experience of ushering work from initial idea to fully realized, beautifully produced and finalized project. You will also have the opportunity to assist in event planning for readings, special events and press benefits. You will gain a holistic perspective of the arts and literary landscape in Los Angeles as well as nationally and further abroad while working on publicity & marketing to promote Insert Blanc Press' various books, art series and other media projects. You will assist in developing print projects through press releases, tracking and logging reviews and you will work with and help to develop the press' media assets to create web content, web updates and newsletters while building out various social networking platforms. You will gain a broad understanding of the publishing world while submitting books and publications for awards and working to increase book sales through developing partnerships with art and literary bookstores worldwide and locally while reaching out to larger institutions to encourage them to support the press and become subscribing members.

Please be in touch thru and in a few short paragraphs explain why you want to be an assistant for Insert Blanc Press. Interest in contemporary art and literature is a must and so are excellent writing and communication skills. Knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator andor Photoshop and some familiarity with audio/video editing is a big plus. Those with adept abilities in the social media sphere are also sought after.

This position requires the ability to meet face-to-face and so any Insert Blanc assistant must live in Los Angeles and be willing to meet in the Lincoln Heights area on a periodic basis.


Written by Mathew Timmons — June 01, 2015

Good News! Insert Blanc Les Figues Wonder AWP

Good News! Insert Blanc Les Figues Wonder AWP


Insert Blanc Press
Les Figues Press


Saturday April 11th, 2015 from 5:30 - 8:30pm
The Acadia
329 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Harold Abramowitz
Amanda Ackerman
Teresa Carmody
Andrew Choate
Michelle Detorie
Ian Hatcher
Elaine Kahn
Hilary Kaplan
Chelsea Hodson
Alexandra Naughton
David Shook
Mathew Timmons
Colin Winnette

closing with special musical guests:
Ron and Nicole's Superfolkrawkexplosionsauce

The Acadia is in the cedar riverside neighborhood on the "west bank" right across the river from UofM and it's a very busy neighborhood lots of bars restaurants etc (the acadia has food btw and a full bar) parking may be difficult but it's only 2 miles from the awp convention center - if you have a car it's a 10 minute drive - a cab ride would be relatively easy (tho I’m not sure how easy it is to hail a cab) - andor there is a bus #22 or the green line to get there by transit - also Minneapolis has Lyft (and Uber - but use Lyft!)

Written by Mathew Timmons — March 31, 2015

Insert Blanc Press General Projects Launch Fall 2014

Insert Blanc Press General Projects Launch Fall 2014

Commonwealth & Council
3006 W 7th St #220 Los Angeles CA 90005 
213 703 9077
Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 7:30pm


Insert Blanc Press would like to graciously invite you to our General Projects Launch for Fall 2014 to celebrate new books, print and film projects from Insert Blanc Press including:

Here Versus Elsewhere by Allison Carter
poetry, paperback, 80 pages

For God by Todd Collins
hardbound, prose, 90 pages

Dispersal Order (Dazzler) by Jason Kunke
22” x 14” Inkjet Print print edition of 30

Fright Catalog (the movie)
by Joseph Mosconi & Insert Blanc Press 10 minutes


Please join us to celebrate Insert Blanc Press General Projects Launch Fall 2014 with readings from Allison Carter and Todd Collins, an artwork by Jason Kunke and the World Premiere screening of Fright Catalog (the movie). Reception to begin at 8pm; readings, performances and screenings to begin at 9pm.


We will all be going to a reading at the Poetic Research Bureau beforehand, and you are highly encouraged to join us there in Chinatown at 6:30pm for readings by Jennifer Tamayo, Mark Johnson & Gregory Betts and then we can all caravan from Chinatown to Koreatown for Insert Blanc Press General Projects Launch Fall 2014!!!



“Allison Carter’s narratives are virtuostic in craft and scope. Her quiet, simple lines betray a pressure and seem to boil at times. There is universal truth: ‘And then the zeitgeist we/became strictly inseparable/or so I thought.’ There is also great humor and precision, ‘But babies come from many places/and they are easy to grab at/through the rattling branches.’ Her poetry is an all-around pleasure to read, and it stays with me, like a consoling friend.”—Noelle Kocot


"Todd Collins is a stone-original among wannabes, with a sacred-profane vision fractured like a stained-glass window or vandalized mirror. This is brilliant neo-noir fiction searching for a shadow that’s worthy of it."—Steve Erickson (author of These Dreams of You and Zeroville, Europa Editions)


Dispersal Order (Dazzler) by Jason Kunke is a photograph of a mimeograph stencil. The stencil is of an image taken from a riot control manual, and is photographed lit only with a quasi-legal, 100mW, 532nm, green laser. Lasers like these are used by law enforcement for non-lethal crowd control and order management, disorienting or temporarily blinding unruly mobs. Here, the laser is used as an artistic medium, illuminating and documenting an order to disperse.


"Fright Catalog by Joseph Mosconi is realism, and we’re fucked. ... The funny (and I mean Beckett “funny”) thing about Fright Catalog is that most of it is everyday circumstance in the key of the histrionic: “Wonder that on/my rotten cabin/ponders a baptism/in the warm piss/of slaughtered children.” Welcome to our state of permanent war. What’s actually scary about most metal is that it’s a bunch of pissed off white guys with bloodlust. And that, truly, should scare the shit out of anyone."—Kim Calder, The Volta

Written by Mathew Timmons — November 16, 2014

Fright Catalog (the movie)

Fright Catalog

(the movie)

Joseph Mosconi

produced by Insert Blanc Press


Happy Halloween!




World premiere in Los Angeles at Commonwealth & Council on Saturday, November 22, 2014.

Actors (in order of appearance)
Michael Anthony Ibarra
Jay Erker
Ouida Angelica Biddle
Joseph Mosconi
Kim Calder

Produced by Insert Blanc Press

Directed by Mathew Timmons

Script: Fright Catalog by Joseph Mosconi

Camera: Ben Rodkin and Kimo Proudfoot

Editor: Diego J. Garza

Set Design: Janne Larsen in collaboration with Mathew Timmons

Make-Up: Gisella Pons

Production Assistant: Chris Niemi

Technical Assistant: Geoff Gosset

Written by Mathew Timmons — October 29, 2014