Ep 83 Joe Sola And Michael Webster The People


Guests Joe Sola and Michael Webster join us for a pro-yammering yammer about their performance collaborative Shakey's, Perfomance Art, adult diapers, Pizza, Spoiler Alerts, Virtual Reality, Star Trek, contemporary cathedrals of software, Samuel Beckett, being manic and cheap and much much more ...

Joe Sola is an artist that lives and works in Los Angeles. His exhibition, I Drove to San Francisco and Back is currently up at Honor Fraser Gallery in Culver City, California. He is also in a show at Yuz Museum Shanghai called In Production: Art and the Studio System.

Michael Webster is an Artist and musician in Los Angeles. He’s also a composer, conductor, performer, and recording artist who has created film scores, albums, art songs, and operas among many other things.

Our interstitial music as always is Ocfif by Lewis Keller.
And we go out with an excerpt from a project Michael Webster talked about during the show. It's currently a work in progress called ... Untitled Star Trek Episode