Ep 63: David Pagel & Iain Muirhead: The People


On this episode our guests are David Pagel & Iain Muirhead.

David Pagel is an art critic who lives in Los Angeles. He writes regularly for the Los Angeles Times. He is a professor of art theory and art history at Claremont Graduate University and an adjunct curator at the Parrish art museum in Water Mill, New York.

Iain Muirhead is a los angeles based artist via Chicago where he ran NFA space, NFA stands for Not Fucking Around.

Our interstitial music, as always, is Ocfif by Lewis Keller, and we go out with a song from LA musician Annie McQueen. We’re going to listen to a single of hers from Feb of this year that you kind find on bandcamp at amqmusic.bandcamp.com. The name of the track is Someday (Ain’t Ever Gonna Come)