Ep 48 David Shook, Anthony Seidman, Mijail Lamas & Sergio Eduardo Cruz: The People


On this episode our guests are David Shook and Anthony Seidman along with Mijail Lamas and Sergio Eduardo Cruz. And, in fact, this is a unique episode of The People with David and Anthony standing in as guest hosts for our first ever all spanish language episode of La Gente.

If you don’t know David Shook, he’s the editor of a wonderful press here in Los Angeles, Phoneme Media, and Anthony is a poet and translator also here in Los Angeles. They’ll tell you more about themselves and our/their guests Mijail and Sergio at the beginning of the show.

First, we’ll ease in to this all Spanish episode with poetry by Roberto Castillo Udiarte including translation by Anthony Seidman from Roberto's new book Smooth Talking Dog on Phoneme, this recording was made during Open Press at Insert Blanc this past October 2016 and we’ll hear an excerpt from the poem The Magician of the Mirrors Final Show.

Our theme music as always is Ocfif by Lewis Keller and we go out with a song from LA band Sin Color, find their music on sound cloud or on their bandcamp page at sincolorband.bandcamp.com And the name of the song is Pregunto