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Ep 37 Phil Chang & Peter Holzhauer: The People

On this episode our guests are Phil Chang & Peter Holzhauer. Phil Chang is an artist and photographer who was born in Indiana and has lived and worked in Los Angeles for over two decades. Peter Holzhauer is a photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles. Originally from Maine, he did his MFA at UCLA and is an adjunct instructor at USC.

In a new installment of Notes from the People this episode, we’re featuring a piece by Jacob Wick an artist, improviser, and writer who lives in Mexico City. You can find out more about Jacob and his work at We’re going to hear an excerpt from his piece Visualization Exercise. This group exercise is intended to assist participants in locating the role past impressions play in horizoning everyday experience.

And we close out the show with an excerpt from a live performance by Jacob Wick who you heard from in our Notes from the People segment. This recording was made in collaboration with San Francisco-based Iranian artist Arash Fayez in 2015 at Héctor, in Mexico City and the name of this piece is Mil Disculpas.

Written by Mathew Timmons — June 13, 2016