Text a Love a Muse video program

still from NotAMuse (Unknown Artist, vol. 2) (5:35), Julie Orser, 2020-2021.


Text a Love a Muse

2220 Arts + Archives
Friday 19 November, 8:00 PM PST
Tickets Free at the door or RSVP Online 

A portion of the program may be viewed online at the links below.

Grunts and groans, nonsensical chanting and para-language, or simple words read off a teleprompter directly to camera—we give meaning to the text and the text gives meaning to us. We breath in and exhale the joyful noise of ongoing production, the fiddling and tweaking of an ephemeral presence that is intimated yet eludes resolution. All or nothing—words in the mouth of another. What once was, is no longer—tragic… but good! In the meantime, we’ll play our little game. Now, what is within our grasp!?

This screening is curated by Mathew Timmons of Insert Blanc Press. Timmons is honored to premiere Love Prose (video edition), 2021, edited by Dan Delboy. The program will also feature a selection of short films by filmmakers and artists, many working in a DIY context, borrowing techniques from contemporary film, and, when needed, enlisting the help of professionals from the film industry.

DJ Kind will be playing sets for the opening, intermission, and for the reception to follow the screening.

Featuring films by Jay Erker, Ben Rodkin, Erica Ryan Stallones, Asher Hartman, Daniel Newman, Julie Orser and Mathew Timmons. Opening and Intermission bumpers, rolling stock and snipes curated from FT Depot collection.


[Opening Program]

Walk It Out (1:03)
Jay Erker, 2013.
Originally for Leg Room at Projector Projects, Los Angeles, CA. 

Joyful Noise (3:35)
Mathew Timmons with Joshua Callaghan and Corey Fogel, 2012.
Videography, editing, and analog degradation by Ben Rodkin. 

Warning: Safe Space (9:41)
Erica Ryan Stallones, 2019.
A video documenting twelve intimate performances with accompanying interviews commissioned for the exhibition "Code Word Safe" at Fellows of Contemporary Art. 

Alfred (26:14)
Featuring Michael Bonnabel
from The Dope Elf project
Asher Hartman and Gawdafful National Theater, 2021. 


Looped three times
Daniel Newman, 2011.

NotAMuse (Unknown Artist, vol. 2) (6:03)
Julie Orser, 2020-2021.

Love Prose (video edition) (30:50)
Mathew Timmons, edited by Dan Delboy, 2021. 

Reception – DJ Kind