Here to Help! (within reason) [soft launch]

HERE TO HELP! (within reason)
Soft Book Launch (for Real Heads)
JBSB Classroom, CalArts
May 12 / 5PM / JBSB Classroom.

CalArts People, the first event heralding the coming of John P. Hogan's book Here to Help! (within reason) is arriving at your shores next week....

John P. Hogan (aka John Hogan, the Studio & Gallery Manager) will be doing a lecture with selected readings from his forthcoming book HERE TO HELP! (Within Reason). The book is a collection of 16 years' worth of Studio & Gallery Management flyers produced in the service of CalArts, created in collaboration with Dameon Waggoner and published by Insert Press, featuring essays by yours truly, Michael Ned Holte and Molly Jo Shea. Come walk down memory lane with your favorite campus crank, and while you're there, buy a copy of his book!

Online Sales COMING SOON!