Familiar Laundry Closing Party + Philosophy Coaching

Familiar Laundry
Closing Party Philosophy Coaching
Friday January 18th - 7:30pm
General Projects
3611 Pomona St., Los Angeles, CA 90031

We welcome you to hollabrate the closing of Familiar Laundry by Jeremy Kennedy at General Projects. Final views for the collection, plus a session of Philosophy Coaching presented by Andrew Choate and Jeremy Kennedy to scrape highlighters over the evening agenda. Kubb, convo, and regular fare are all on deck. Join us for one last baton twirl!
Philosophy Coaching:
Andrew Choate (voice) / Jeremy Kennedy (musical instruments)

Music is falsely ethereal and proud of it. This performance uses the relationship between coaching and action to coax out an experience of musical activity as relatable, manipulable and unimaginable. Keep your eye on the ball. Actually, just keep the ball. Advice translated.


Familiar Laundry by Jeremy Kennedy:

The exhibition includes a Series of 7 Original Works on Paper and a Limited Edition of hand prepared Archival Inkjet Prints, plus a collection of additional works on paper, sculptural pieces and documents from the artist’s studio, Table Blue.

There will also be a customized kubb (King Tackle) pitch set up in the adjacent Outside Gallery for anyone interested in a match of one of the artist's favorite non-athletic games.

The series of originals and limited edition hand prepared works are available for sale onsite and at insertblancpress.net.

The installation of Familiar Laundry at General Projects evokes an experience of the artist’s studio, the warmth and welcoming environment as well as the biting humor and caustic wit often found in his extensive collection of works from over the past decade. Kennedy’s multi-disciplinary catalog draws heavily from a core of uniquely designed humor and word-play. Kennedy continually builds, and maintains a heavy focus on the power of collaboration and the importance of relatable conceptual references.

Since the late 1990’s, Jeremy Kennedy (b. 01.01.1980) has been creating and exhibiting art and ideas in both community and academic settings. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2009, the largely self-taught artist spent over a decade living and working in Bloomington, Indiana.
His pieces and projects have been featured in publications and journals internationally, and in galleries, streets, backyards, and basements across the U.S.
Kennedy is an active sound maker, co-founder and playwright with P/Sicho Street Theatre Company, and he is a founding editor of Rebel Hands Press.