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Insert Blanc Press steps into The Future of Radio and Records and Books on Tape! Listen Up! Do you sometimes just wanna sit back and listen to literature? Do you enjoy elaborate descriptions of complex visual art over the airwaves? Do you believe the radio would be the finest possible communication apparatus in public life, a vast network of pipes. This is an innovation, a suggestion that seems utopian and that I myself admit to be utopian. 

Insert Blanc Press is proud to announce our new show, The People with Editor and Publisher Mathew Timmons and Insert Blanc Artist Ben White. The People features the voices and ideas of The People that make up the cultural landscape of Los Angeles, the west coast, and beyond on KCHUNG 1630AM every 3rd Sunday at 3pm. More & more The People simply choose, for whatever reason, Power to The People in the home of People Power on the Internet. A Radio Revolution offering comfort and cueing up Special Stuff. This is The Sound you love to listen to, The Power of The People to make atmospheric, psychedelic, and dance-oriented Conversation. Radio for The People featuring art, literature, talk, cultural criticism, visual culture, intelligent witticisms and so much more! The People is me, The People is you, The People is we, and You Can Too! … like a Broken Record magically repaired. 

Listen this Sunday March 17th at 3pm as our guest Joseph Mosconi reads from his new book Fright Catalogfrom Insert Blanc Press. We'll also be joined by artist and gallerist Jay Erker to talk about her work.

by Christian Cummings
Full Album 55:07
13 tracks

While Insert Blanc isn't pressing vinyl yet, keep your eyes open for vinyl on the horizon. Meanwhile, we'd like to wet your ears with a digital download album available both as single songs or as a full album. Christian Cummings' album Slavebation will keep you aching for more, more, more!
"Alternating between elegiac despondency, apocalyptic vision, didactic discourse, and guided deprogramming exercise (often in the space of a single lyric), Cummings convincingly positions himself as a nerdish prophet of doom. Christian Cummings is facing our crazy life head on, in all its bewildering entropy and Gordian knottiness, and in doing so has produced the first great protest album of the 21st century.” -Doug Harvey, Artillery Art Magazine
“Lest we've forgotten, Cummings is reminding us what Uncle Frank (Zappa) told us back in 66. Plastic people in a plastic society living on a diet of plastic. And as we know, when they burn and melt they all start to stink. Slavebation is right up my street.” -Sexton Ming

Insert Blanc Press is also happy to announce our two new audiobooks, Stingray Clapping by Andrew Choate and Parrot 3 All Bodies Are The Same and They Have The Same Reactions by Allison Carter. Each book read in the artist's own voice, and while not actually a book on actual tape, we hope you'll enjoy an mp3 digital download.