Demon Purse BBQ + Closing Party

Demon Purse BBQ + Closing Party
Andrew Choate
May 28, 2018 3-9pm

General Projects
3611 Pomona St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Insert Blanc Press welcomes you to celebrate the closing of our inaugural show in our new General Projects space: Demon Purse by Andrew Choate. 

We will BBQ many things, and we will drink many drinks and we invite you to bring many things to throw on the BBQ. Hey, even your demons are welcome! And you're welcome to bring many drinks to drink and drinks to share with all your lovely little demons too! 


Andrew Choate has been making objects that combine his interests in form, trash and language since 1999. The sculptures in “Demon Purse” are made of materials sourced from the detritus of other artists installing their work (Paul McCarthy), roommates moving out (anonymous grubs), and craft-store closeouts brought upon by political misadventures (Hobby Lobby.) An abiding dedication to the dual sense of purpose and play within language appears on or surrounding the objects: letters to the objects, or from them to us.

Andrew Choate is the author of "Stingray Clapping" (Insert Blanc Press), "Langquage Makes Plastic of the Body" (Palm Press), "Too Many Times I See Every Thing Just the Way It Is" (Poetic Research Bureau) and, forthcoming in June 2018, "Learning" (Civil Coping Mechanisms/ Writ Large Press). "I Love You More," a collection of his texts for performance will be published by Insert Blanc Press in 2019. 

As @saintbollard he photographs and organizes performances around bollards. He won the award for Best Visual/ Performance Art and the Warwick Broadhead Memorial Award at the 2016 Dunedin Fringe Festival. Exegesis Eisegesis Encaustic, his series of collaborative paintings with Katie Herzog, were on display at Klowden Mann in June and July, 2016. As "The Unwrinkled Ear," he hosts a radio show on KCHUNG every other week and curates a concert series devoted to the international world of improvised music. He is a founding and current member, along with Janne Larsen, of the performance art dining collective Inner Dinner.

He cashed at the Amateur World Disc Golf Championships in Charlotte, NC in 2012. He lives and works in Los Angeles.