Kristin Cammermeyer Closing plus Movies Worth Listening To

Outside Gallery: Kristin Cammermeyer Closing Party
Movies Worth Listening To: Experimental Music in Cinema
a screening curated by Andrew Choate

Friday, December 11, 2015 from 7-11pm
Outside Gallery
Insert Blanc Press General Projects
2806 1/2 Lincoln Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90031
enter from the driveway adjacent to 3617 Pomona St.

Kristin Cammermeyer

Outside Gallery is pleased to present the work of Kristin Cammermeyer bringing together new and recent work of hers including "Accumulation at 12th & Marion" from her installation at the Hedreen Gallery in Seattle; and "big wheel, 2 chairs, and a tray" new work made from materials collected in and around the neighborhood of Outside Gallery.


Movies Worth Listening To: Experimental Music in Cinema
curated by Andrew Choate, beginning at 9pm

Program Direct

Into Spring (2012) 4:21 
Art: Han Bennink (Holland)
Music: Han Bennink / Mary Oliver (USA) 
Directed by Udo Prinsen (Holland)

Photosynthesis (AOR) (2007) 10:30 
Mandala II (2007) 4:44 
Images / Music: Robin Fox (Australia)




Program Indirect

Cum Pane - the one you share your bread with (2002) 7:14
Directed by Anna Linder (Sweden)
Music: AALY Trio (Mats Gustafsson (Sweden) / Kjell Nordeson (Sweden) / Peter Janson (Sweden) + Ken Vandermark (USA)

Mass, Part 1 (2007) 13:12  
Images: Nikos Veliotis (Greece)
Music: Looper (Nikos Veliotis / Ingar Zach (Norway) / Martin Küchen (Sweden)) + John Tilbury (England)