Lawn Ornaments Closing Party +++ horrorshow 3

Lawn Ornaments

Outside Gallery
Insert Blanc Press General Projects
2806 1/2 Lincoln Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90031
Closing Party Saturday, August 29, 2015 at 7pm
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Celebrating the closing of Lawn Ornaments at Outside Gallery, Insert Blanc General Projects is excited to present a group of artists who have worked with the press in the past few years. This stellar group of artists are particularly excited to explore the alternative exhibition space we've been developing thru Outside Gallery, a new exhibition platform, literally outside in the side/front yard of our house in Lincoln Heights.

Come out for a Closing Party! Lawn Ornaments is up thru Monday, September 7, 2015 but we're celebrating the show Saturday August 29, beginning at 7pm and continuing late into the night with our horrorshow screening series (details below)

Including a performance by Erica Ryan Stallones: The Farm Set-Up: a singular dating service is a mobile performance piece with a purpose. The Farm-Set-Up is seeking eligible bachelors in the Los Angeles area for love and art. Knowledge of herbal medicine, power tools, and goats is preferred; however, natal chart data, temperament, and facial hair may also be considered. Data gathered from this project will inform The Box Set: a solo exhibition in four acts

Artists: David Bell, John Burtle, Ted Byrnes, Andrew Choate, Greg Curtis, Jake Dotson, Jay Erker, Michelle Carla Handel, Jonathon Hornedo, Jason Kunke, Janne Larsen, Jacqueline Laurita Cortese, Anna Mayer, Chris Niemi, Adrian Paules, Nancy Popp, Gala Porras-Kim, Nicolas Shake, Geneva Skeen, Erica Ryan Stallones , Karin Stothart, Lindsay Tunkl, and Jason Underhill



Film Screening Series 
Curated by Jason Golday
Presented by Insert Blanc Press General Projects
Saturday, July 25th at 930pm
2806 1/2 Lincoln Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90031 (backhouse)
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1985, 88 mins, Unrated

The screening will be preceded by a short presentation from Jason Golday about the film and the director and his vision for this series. The film will begin at the latest by 1030pm and we will be listening to the score of the film beforehand.


Bring pillows, blankets, possibly a chair, snacks, drinks, smokes etc., tho we will also have some of these things on hand.


Read an interview with Director Lamberto Bava here and watch the trailer below.



Image credit (above): Satan, by William Blake (1757-1827), after a deisgn by Henry Fuseli, Etching and engraving.